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Guangzhou Guangjia Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd

The world's best product manufacturing and trading service provider

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    We are the source factory and have an oversized factory and our own equipment workshop, 18 years of factory production experience.



    Our professional team to provide efficient service for customers in more than 130 countries, Serving tens of thousands of stores.



    Quality Assurance and Quality Control primarily focus on defect-free delivery of an application.



    Quick drawing design, quick product confirmation, quick quotation, and quick sample production.

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18 Years Of Experience In This Business.

We Are A Company From China (Guangzhou Guangjia Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.), Established In 2003. Mainly Design And Produce Shelves For National Pharmaceutical Companies.

Entered The International Market In 2013, Mainly As A Medicine Cabinet For Foreign Pharmaceutical Chain Stores. We Completed The Last Batch Of Medicine Cabinets In April This Year, And Our Customers Are All Over Europe And The United States.

However, The Current Epidemic Situation In The World Is Very Serious. Customers Of Our Foreign Pharmaceutical Chains Hope To Assist Them In Purchasing Anti-Epidemic Materials With Eu Ce Certification And Us Eua Certification Through Our 18-Year Partnership With Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies.


Our Customers Worldwide

What sets us apart from the competition? Our ability to listen to our customers!

We are a shelf factory in China, providing shelves - fulfilling orders with short delivery times and complex technical specifications. We have earned the trust of thousands of clients, Our customers are all over the world:

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