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Pharmacy Drawer

Initial situation – before renovation:
As part of a renovation project, the hospital pharmacy was redesigned to become more ergonomic and easier to use for
staff and medicine storage made more efficient. Previously, medicines were mainly kept in a combination of pull-out
cabinets and drawers, with most of the ampoules and bottles stored in sliding cabinets which could not be operated by two
people at the same time. Dark and heavy colours made working conditions oppressive and the unefficient storage of items
made daily duties complicated. What’s more, some of the products had to be stored in the basement, which made daily
order picking even more difficult and time-consuming.

Guangjia solution – after renovation:
Today, all items of daily use are stored in a much more compact way, all on the same floor – mainly in shelving
and drawer systems from Guangjia. Thanks to the modular design of these systems, the stockroom could be customised
and adapted perfectly to suit the pharmacy’s working processes. This reduces picking distances and allows several
people to pick orders simultaneously, without getting in each other’s way. It makes for a happier, more productive
working environment and speeds up the picking process. A special feature is the integration of FAMA Sloping Shelves
into a cold store where the shelves can be filled from the back without causing temperature fluctuations. Medicines are
picked simply by opening glass doors from outside the cold store.

Thanks to the reorganisation of the storeroom and optimised picking distances, work efficiency has been substantially
increased. The staff have observed a number of improvements:

  • Saving of time due to
    • shorter picking distances
    • a better use of space
  • Improved ergonomics
    • simpler and easier operation with less effort
    • an integrated carriage step makes it possible to reach the upper drawers
    • fast-movers are stored at picking height and can be easily accessed
    • several people can work simultaneously without waiting around
  • A consistent classification system ensures that
    • the medicines are stored in alphabetical order
    • the picking process is faster
    • dispensing errors are reduced
    • the FIFO principle is maintained



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