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For those who want to open a pharmacy, the purchase of drugstore shelves is a very important link, because it is not only related to the effect of pharmacy display design, but also related to the sales of drugs.

Drugstore shelves have various styles, including single shelf, double shelf and four sided shelf. One side drugstore shelf and two-sided drugstore shelf are the most widely used. Some people can’t help but ask, how much does it cost to buy a set of double-sided shelves? The following drugstore shelf company, Guangjia shelf, will give you a calculation.
How much does it cost to buy a set of double-sided drugstore shelves?

There are many drugstore shelf suppliers in the market, and the quotations from different manufacturers are not the same, but the basic price remains between 380 yuan / set and 780 yuan / set.

The general drugstore shelf supplier sales shelves are in the form of whole store quotation, so if you want to know more accurate prices, it is recommended that you provide the floor plan of the pharmacy to Guangjia shelf customer service. We will arrange professional designers to provide you with free pharmacy layout design, and inform you of more detailed quotation.
Guangzhou Guangjia shelf is an old brand shelf factory with decades of experience. The shelf products are sold well at home and abroad with excellent quality, and they are directly delivered by manufacturers, so the cost performance ratio is very high. I believe it will be a good choice for you to purchase drugstore shelves.

A good convenience store can’t do without good shelves. Every operator should pay attention to the issue of shelf purchasing in convenience stores. The above is the shelf brand with higher cost performance introduced by Guangzhou shelf manufacturer [Guangjia shelf]. If you still want to know about the management skills of convenience stores, or have the demand of customized drugstore shelves, please log in consultation.



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