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Necessary knowledge of pharmacy shelf design and decoration
It is very important to set up pharmacies, select store address and decoration. All Dalian lock drugstores in China have their own styles, such as common people’s pharmacy, Haiwang Xingchen chain drugstore, and Haiwang Xingchen’s overall shop decoration design is specially designed by the design team, and each advertising light box and shelf is provided with supporting design and store entry advertising guidance. Drug classified advertising these are the needs of shop owners in the early stage of thinking and design.

Pharmacy shelf design and decoration, you should not only have a plan, but also reflect on some detailed drawings, front view, lighting, color, etc. This is the necessary basic common sense when entrusting the design industry.

1. Self designed or entrusted to a professional designer has the following advantages:
(1) We can give opinions on the original case and design a good exhibition space;
(2) Specific design details. Arrive at the desired intention;
(3) Be able to provide the evaluation of construction budget for construction industry, and put forward suggestions on schedule and plan;
(4) Can be entrusted to undertake the inspection task on completion,
However, it must cost design fee to entrust its design, so the decoration of cloud sky decoration suggests that many small-scale pharmacies are still designed by myself. Pharmacy design related books.

1. Basic information of pharmacy arrangement
The basic instructions are as follows:
(1) The arrangement rack introspection should put what medicine, in the resolution its depth.
(2) The equipment should be based on the practical standard, not just the materials on the catalogue.
(3) The width of the channel should be that customers can make friends smoothly.
(4) So that guests can easily go to the most interior furnishings.

2. Pharmacy shelf design and decoration – Color
Don’t choose the color you like,
But in the right color.
The color should be able to mix the color of the product,
And the ceiling,
The colors of walls, platforms and utensils should be able to match each other harmoniously.

3. Pharmacy shelf design and decoration – Lighting
Dim shops can’t do business well,
Too bright store,
It’s not easy for customers to get in.
Lighting must cooperate with the characteristics of the store,
At the head of the store,
The ceiling, the arrangement frame, should consider its each other illumination appliance, behind will make the more concrete introduction to the pharmacy illumination.
The most important thing in the decoration of pharmacies is to sort and place the drugs,
The color should not be too bright,
Lighting must be properly lit,
It’s too casual to pay attention to the interior decoration of the drugstore.



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