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Running a pharmacy, whether you are a novice or an old hand, will inevitably have a bad business. There are few customers who come to visit and the drugs can’t be sold, so the turnover is not ideal. In the long run, pharmacies even face the risk of closing down at any time.

If you want to improve such a problem, you may as well start with the promotion of drugs. What should we do? If you want to increase sales, don’t miss it.

1. Timely encouragement

It is a common marketing method to encourage customers to make up their mind to buy with encouraging words. For example, when customers are unable to make up their minds to buy health care products at a high price, the salesman can say: if you really think it’s expensive, it doesn’t matter if you don’t buy it. Some good face customers may pay for face, and then the sales goal is achieved.

2. Quick action

In the process of sales promotion, once the customer shows a more obvious purchase determination, it is unavoidable for the customer to go back on his / her regret, and can ask for the customer’s opinions as soon as possible to make an invoice and package. When everything goes smoothly, even if the customer still has a little hesitation, he / she will not refuse to buy any more, and he / she can only pay for the bill.

3. No more opportunities

Opportunities no longer routine is very common, but for many customers, it still has a strong impact. When using this method, customers can feel the painstaking efforts of salesmen to admonish themselves not to waste opportunities, so that customers have the opportunity to make decisions. However, it should be noted that this method should not be used to customers when the sales opportunity is not mature.

4. Retreat in order to advance

If you encounter a customer who is very hesitant or distrustful of the shop assistant, you need to change your sales strategy if you use regular sales methods to induce them, but you can’t make them make up your mind. Retreat is a good choice. You can use the words “business can not be benevolent and righteous in” to stimulate customers, so that customers can relax and pay the bill.

5. Free trial

When encountering some new products, because they don’t understand, customers are inevitably more cautious. Even if the price is very exciting, they are reluctant to pay the bill. At this time, customers can try it for free and experience it in person. If the thing is really good, it is easy to get the customer’s approval and quickly conclude the transaction.

6. Deep promotion

In addition to the strong desire of customers to purchase other products, if they want to purchase more products, they can make a comparison. In this process, it is necessary to communicate with customers, understand customers in depth, shorten the distance with customers, and promote other related products.

Although pharmacy shelves are silent salesmen, good display of pharmacy shelves can promote the sales of commodities, but if you want to get more profits, a series of sales promotion skills of salesmen are absolutely indispensable. The above is Guangjia shelf to introduce the drug marketing methods, hope to help you better manage the pharmacy. Welcome to comment.



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