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Pharmacy shelves have a long history. Most of the traditional pharmacy shelves are made of wood, which has an antique feeling. With the development of modern technology, iron shelves and cold rolled steel pharmacy shelves have appeared, and the overall appearance is more beautiful and practical. Compared with the heavy wooden drugstore shelf, the modern drugstore shelf is compact and light, and can be combined with size and length at will, which is more convenient for the daily operation and management of drugstores.

Drugstores have a long history, and the reform and renewal of pharmacy shelves have gone through a long period. What are the pharmacy shelves used in the market now? What are the advantages compared with the traditional pharmacy shelves? Today, GuangJia shelves editor will share with you the fine attributes of the new generation of pharmacy shelves with the development of science and technology!

1. The three-dimensional display of products on the drugstore shelf improves the utilization rate of pharmacy space, and is more orderly and orderly visually.
2. It is convenient to pick and take the products, which is not only convenient for customers to select, but also conducive to the daily sorting and replenishment of shop assistants.
3. The drugs should be placed in different categories and layers, and the selected commodities should be clear at a glance to facilitate inventory.
4. Drugs are placed and hung in order to reduce the loss of stacking and extrusion
5. The products with different properties are stored in different categories. For example, the products with normal temperature and low temperature are stored separately to save the management cost of pharmacies
6. The new shelf is small and light, and can be disassembled and assembled freely, which is convenient to change the overall space layout of drugstore
7. There are various materials. Besides wood, there are metal back net shelf, sunlight back shelf and acrylic back shelf. Different material shelves can be selected according to drugstore positioning
8. Diversified color and style, can be customized personalized products, no longer rigidly adhere to the single style of traditional pharmacy shelf
9. The shelves of new drugstores can be equipped with billboards and light boxes to publicize the products of pharmacies more vividly, and the atmosphere of pharmacies can be active, which is no longer the traditional cold and serious feeling
10. Labor cost is a relatively large cost input for pharmacies. Modern pharmacy shelves are convenient for citizens to purchase drugs by themselves, and reduce the management investment of shop assistants, which can save manpower and cost to a certain extent.



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