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Acrylic Sneeze Guard Case

In real life, at present, many people are facing the problem of returning to work and school, but there are still many concerns, so how to effectively protect themselves in the process of returning to work and school can effectively reduce the risk.

First of all, you need to make sure that you are safe. Make sure that you are starting from a safe place. In other words, to determine the risk level of your departure place, generally speaking, except for Wuhan, it is relatively safe now.

Then, what you need to make sure is that the way you start is relatively safe, so at this time, you’d better find a departure place that can reduce halfway contact and a tool to reach the departure place. At present, the best way is to rent a car together by two or several people, so as to reduce the contact with other people.

And let relatives or family members take you directly to the nearest place of departure

Finally, after arriving at the place of departure, you do not need to enter the station immediately. You should do a good job of personal protection and try to avoid crowded places. Finally, try not to face people in the car.

Acrylic sneeze protection/Acrylic Sneeze Guard recommended after rework



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