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Manufacturing method of ceramic tile display stand

Patent name: Manufacturing method of ceramic tile display stand

Technical field:
The utility model is a display rack, in particular a ceramic tile display rack.

Background technique:
At present, the commonly used display racks generally use plywood or high-density board or plastic board or thin iron board. The fixing method uses glass glue to glue the tiles to the board, and then fill it with caulk or curtain wall glue
The seam is closed; you can also put a layer of flannel on the board first, and glue the 7> side of the Velcro to the back of the dry brick, use the self-adhesive function of the Velcro to glue the tile, and then fill it with the caulk or curtain wall glue At the same time, the cross glue particles are put between the corners of the tiles to stabilize the position of the tiles during the laying of the tiles.

The above method is a more commonly used method, which is more suitable for vertical, oblique or flat display racks. The disadvantage is that the used plates and manufacturing projects require the use of glue and caulk or curtain wall glue, which results in a complicated process; the cost is high. It is troublesome to replace the product; the brick surface after closing with the caulking agent is difficult to clean; and because the size of the ceramic tile itself cannot be very precise and uniform, resulting in uneven gaps between the ceramic tile and the ceramic tile, which affects its display effect; The surface is difficult to clean or wear and tear, and is difficult to reuse.

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