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Industry Information

The utility model relates to a display shelf, in particular to a ceramic tile display shelf for displaying ceramic tiles.

Background technique:

Ceramic tile manufacturers or sellers usually use display racks for display sales. Existing ceramic tile display racks generally paste multiple ceramic tile samples on the display board, and then fix the display board in the frame for display. It is difficult to fix on the display board when it is large, and the display board has poor load bearing capacity and is easy to damage. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a display rack with a small footprint and a large number of display tiles, which can display tiles with a large area and weight.

At present, there is a vertical push-pull ceramic tile display stand. Tiles arranged in parallel are fixed on the bracket. In this way, the push-pull bracket can pull the tiles outward. Within a certain width, it can accommodate several rows of tiles and save space. And because the tiles are placed vertically, it is convenient for customers to observe and select.

However, in this structure, when the thickness of the tile is different, it is not easy to adjust and fix the tile, and the tile is easy to shake.



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