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Industry Information

[Technical Field]
[0001] The utility model relates to a display rack, in particular to a non-slip tile display rack.

[Background technique]
[0002] Generally, manufacturers or sellers will choose to display their products to customers with a display rack, because the display rack can make the goods displayed very intuitively, which is easy to attract customers and facilitate customers to watch.

[0003] Tiles, as a commodity, its manufacturers and distributors also need display racks to display their own tile products. Existing ceramic tile display racks generally include support feet and a support rack body.

The support feet are provided on the rear side of the support rack body and provide tilt angle adjustment to the support rack body. However, due to the low anti-skid coefficient between the supporting feet and the ground, it is often easy for the supporting feet to slide backwards, making it easy for the tiles to fall or drift from the support frame body, showing a low safety factor.



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