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[Patent Abstract]

The invention relates to a display rack, in particular to a mosaic tile multifunctional display rack. The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a mosaic tile multifunctional display stand which enhances the aesthetics of ceramic tiles. In order to solve the above technical problems, the present invention provides such a mosaic tile multifunctional display rack, including a base, an electric push rod, a swing seat, a bracket, a first lifting rod, a cylinder, a piston, a wedge block, and a first slider , First slide rail, swing rod, second lift rod, second slider, first link, lighting, second link, second slide rail, elastic parts, pressure plate, support plate and display rack; top of the base A bracket is provided, and a first slide rail is provided at the bottom inside the bracket, and a first slider is provided on the first slide rail. The present invention achieves the effect that the displayed ceramic tiles have strong aesthetics. The display rack of the present invention adopts a trapezoidal structure, which not only facilitates people to watch and select different types of ceramic tiles.

[Patent Description]
Multifunctional display stand for mosaic tiles

Technical field
[0001] The present invention relates to a display rack, in particular to a mosaic tile multi-function display rack.

[Background technique]
[0002] As early as the early 1980s, mosaic tiles were the materials used by many families to lay toilet walls and floors. Today, mosaic tiles have made a comeback, and have become the darling of decorative materials in colorful forms, which is favored by avant-garde and fashionable families. Mosaic is one of the oldest decorative arts known. It is a pattern created using small tiles or pottery pieces. In modern times, mosaics are more of a type of ceramic tile. It is a special type of brick. It is generally composed of dozens of small bricks to form a relatively large brick.

[0003] Display racks are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, famous cigarettes, famous wines, pharmacies, glasses, craft gifts, crystal products, hotel supplies, stationery, automotive supplies, plastic products, cosmetics stores, factory product showrooms, foreign trade companies Product displays such as sample halls can also be used in corporate trade fairs, and can display multiple styles of display racks to make product display more bright.

[0004] Existing mosaic tile display racks have the disadvantage of weak aesthetics of displayed tiles, so there is an urgent need to design a multi-functional mosaic tile display rack that enhances the aesthetics of ceramic tiles.

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