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When it comes to pharmacy, you can see on the street that some pharmacy have a lot of traffic, while some pharmacy are cold and quiet. Maybe when you see a drugstore somewhere is very cold, your reaction in your mind is that the location here is not very good, or the owner of the drugstore will not operate it. In fact, in addition to these two important factors, there is also a very important factor, that is, the pharmacy shelf, do not underestimate the pharmacy shelf, if the shelf display is good, it can bring certain customer flow and sales volume to the store. Do you know anything about drugstore shelves? Or do you know what shelves are needed to open a pharmacy?

The premise of choosing the drugstore shelf is that you should consider the size of the store, the type of medicine and the overall decoration of the store. After all these are considered, you can choose the shelf. In addition, the goods in the drugstore are generally drugs and health care products, and they will not have heavy weight. Therefore, when selecting the shelf, you can not require the thickness of the shelf layer to be so high.

The most commonly used shelves in pharmacy are the middle island shelf, the square cabinet with one side against the wall, the Chinese medicine cabinet and the cash register, etc., which are the basic configuration of each pharmacy. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you only need to purchase these kinds of drugstore shelves. There are many styles of drugstore shelves, such as perforated back shelf, mesh back shelf, wood back shelf, steel back shelf, etc. besides the different styles and display effects of the selected drugstore shelves, the sales strategy should also be changed.

pharmacy checkout counterFor example, just like the cashier of a drugstore, some drugstore owners will install a small front rack on the cash register when purchasing the pharmacy checkout counter. This small front rack can be used to put some small goods with low price and attract customers to buy. It can also be used to place some commonly used drugs for customers to choose, and use this small front shelf to achieve the purpose of promoting sales.

Therefore, different sales strategies and display effects can have different results. Of course, these need to be analyzed according to the actual situation.

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