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We are Guangzhou Guangjia decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd., specializing in pharmacy shelves for sale, pharmacy customization, pharmacy whole point design scheme, pharmacy shelf production and other businesses.

Nearly 20 years of experience in this business. Founded in 2003, located in the beautiful southern city of Guangzhou, the factory covers an area of more than 10000 square meters.

We pharmacy shelf for sale, the whole pharmacy effect picture:

What should be paid attention to in pharmacy decoration?

Then the overall layout of the pharmacy and the overall selection of pharmacy shelves are what we need to care about. What problems should we pay attention to in pharmacy decoration?

Pharmacy layout design is the most basic and important work, because it is not only related to the pharmacy shopping experience, but also affects the sales of goods. But many novices don’t seem to know how to lay it out. Let’s talk about what types of layout there are for pharmacy shelves. Generally speaking, the merchant can also determine the location of the basic shelf after determining the type of shelf used. Then, determine the shape and size of the shelves in the center of the main channel, the shelves at both ends, the cash register table and the packing table.

A set of professional and beautiful pharmacy shelves will not only bring visual upgrade, but also win the trust and good reputation of customers. Your pharmacy will also have a huge flow of customers.
Pharmacy display is a big project, we should do necessary customer analysis, product analysis and data analysis. Next, let’s take a moment to share with you. Today, the manufacturer of the shelf of Guangjia pharmacy mainly discusses the obvious mistakes in the display of pharmacies.

1. There is no exhibition area for seasonal products and functional products in the store
To reduce the difficulty of finding customers and improve the speed of commodity transaction is a sentence that we always keep in mind when we show. Seasonal products and functional products are directly targeted at target customers and have high transaction possibility. In the display area, it is necessary to set these two areas and provide them with relatively good positions.

2. The product display is sparse and incomplete, or the display is messy and untidy, which will affect the shopping experience.
When one category of goods is out of stock, the shelves will certainly be sparse and dissatisfied, but if filled with other categories of goods, it will inevitably appear messy.

3. Do not pay attention to related display
Associated display can not only bring us revenue, but also provide customers with a variety of solutions. Related products are displayed together, plus some small discounts, customers will generally buy along, you can also save effort.

4. The price range is too volatile
The price of the products on the shelf of the same row of drugstores fluctuates greatly, which is not conducive to customers’ purchase, nor is it conducive to the salesmen to recommend products to customers. It is suggested that the price of the same row of shelves should be gradual from high to low or from low to high.



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