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Pharmacy Shelves From China

Speaking of pharmacy shelves, we have to look at the overall layout of pharmacy shelves.

One, Overall layout of pharmacy shelves

Reasonable merchandise display can play various important roles in displaying merchandise, stimulating sales, facilitating purchases, saving space, and beautifying the shopping environment. According to statistics, if the storefront can correctly use the merchandise configuration and display design, the rate of customers entering the store will increase by 80%. , Sales can be increased by 10% on the original basis. “Even fruits and vegetables should be arranged in an artistic way like a still life painting, because the beauty of the products can talk about the customer’s desire to buy.” So how do you display the drugs on the pharmacy shelves?

  1. Clear classification. The display of medicines must be classified clearly and reasonably, and medicines of different brands shall be arranged according to their functions and uses. For example, internal medicine can be divided into respiratory medicine, gastroenterology medicine, neurology medicine, cardiovascular medicine medicine, etc.
  2. Clear identification. All medicines are priced. And the label is clear and easy to distinguish. Such as name, specification, function and indication, price.
  3. Left-right association. For example, cold services are adjacent to vitamin medicines and cough medicines. Enable consumers to choose the main medicines symptomatically and to choose auxiliary medicines.
  4. Clean and orderly. Keep medicines, counters and shelves clean, first in, first out. Timely replenishment; timely replacement of damaged and expired medicines; medicines are facing the consumer. Orderly rows.
  5. Easy to take. The display of drugs on the shelves should be convenient for consumers to take, and fast-buy and high-selling drugs should be placed in the most obvious and easy-to-access position.
  6. There are far and near. Medicines have an expiration date and a shelf life. According to buying habits, the medicines in the front of the shelf are usually taken first. therefore. The drug display on the shelf should be placed according to the validity period of the drug. Nearly effective drugs are sold first.
  7. Balanced lighting. The lighting layout in the store should be balanced and well lit so that customers can choose carefully. Areas that deviate from the main aisles and remote corners should be well lit to attract consumers.

Second, the overall selection of materials for pharmacy shelves

We can choose iron + wood or pure iron. Which parameters and specifications need to be paid attention to when selecting materials? Let’s look at the reference table of related pharmacy shelf product specifications

Pharmacy Shelves Specification Load bearing Features
Pharmacy Shelves 900L*400W*1350/2200H*6 layers 35KG Freely removable
  Easy to transport
  Horizontal unlimited connection combination
      Arbitrary adjustment of layer spacing

Reference table for specifications and parameters of pharmacy medicine drawer cabinets:

Product NameSpecificationMaterialReatures
Pharmacy drawer2040H*1540W*1200LStainless steel modular, easy to install

The two main precautions for pharmacy shelves are described above.



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