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With the emergence of pharmaceutical industry policy, more and more people set up pharmacies, and the competition in this line is more and more fierce. Many pharmacists are beginning to realize that they want to capture more customers and improve the success rate of customers entering the store. Evaluate and ultimately use some small steps: such as optimizing the design of pharmacy shelf display.

Sort out the three most difficult and fatal mistakes to see if they fit you.


1. Shelf display is too full, affecting the overall visual effect

As we all know, the display of goods must pursue “fullness”, but this “fullness” is not to let you fill the shelves of drugstores, but to present the complete effect with ingenious display.
When planning the layout of pharmacy shelves, many operators think that the more shelves, the more goods displayed, the higher the sales volume, but this is not the case. Too many shelves will not only compress shopping space, but also hinder customers’ sight. Excessive display of goods will also affect the visual effect, both crowded and affect customers.
The right way is to properly control the number of shelves according to the size of the pharmacy, and ensure that each drug can be reasonably placed on the shelf, so as to avoid vacancy and make customers think that the type of medicine in your store is small and not professional enough.


2. There are too many shelves at the entrance and exit to block the view of passers-by.

The pharmacy entrance is a good sales area, where promotion shelves can be placed to attract more people into the store. However, when everything is too far away to be placed, attention should be paid to the number of shelves to attract customers at the entrance and exit.
A good pharmacy display design will use shelves to partition and guide shopping lines. In order to be more attractive, some operators have added shelves, which will only backfire. It not only hinders the display of the internal space of the pharmacy, but also narrows the access of the entrance and exit, affecting the passage of customers.
The number of entry and exit shelves should be set to the correct number. Don’t think about showing everything at the door. Usually one or two small promotion shelves are enough. Then choose some small brands with high reputation, which can provide impulse consumption display.


3. The number of primary and secondary channels is affected by the length of the central island shelf

In order to improve space utilization, some pharmacies have long shelves on Zhongdao, almost to the end, and there are no sub channels between parts of the shelves. This seems to expand the display space, but it actually reduces the flow of pharmacy customers. Generally speaking, when we display double-sided pharmacy shelves, pharmacies less than 100 square meters should have no more than three parts of shelf length, and there should be a main channel and an auxiliary channel between each group of shelves. Provide convenience for customers on each shelf. Flow, reduce customer boredom, can also help pharmacies avoid a dead end.
In pharmacies, if you want to show more products, you must find ways to extend the shopping line, increase the number of main channels and sub channels, and cooperate with each other to create multiple complete sales routes to promote the growth of sales in different regions.
The success of pharmacy operation is closely related to the correct display design. Good display is not only the display of pharmacy professional image, but also the guarantee of sales growth. For operators, we can’t ignore the problems brought by pharmacy display design, otherwise the most basic trivial matter will become a major event in pharmacy.


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