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Speaking of drugstore management, it is inevitable to work hard on the shelf display and marketing means of drugstores. If we do these two things well, we are not afraid that no one will consume them. Today, GuangJia introduces the pricing strategy of drugstores to you. If you don’t understand, take a look!

Importance of correct pricing in pharmacy
It seems simple to price the goods in the drugstore. Actually, it takes a lot of thought to grasp the degree. Only by finding the right balance between making money and soliciting customers can we create higher sales for pharmacy.

Not only that, the correct pricing will maximize the sales volume of pharmacy, but also reflect the professionalism of pharmacy, which makes it easier to gain favorable comments from customers. In this way, it is much easier to develop regular customers.

What are the pricing methods of drugstores?
Having said so much, how should pharmacy set prices? GuangJia sorted out three points and continued to look down:

1. Average profit price strategy
Average profit price strategy is a kind of pricing strategy aiming at normal profit of drugstore. This pricing model is more conducive to the long-term development of pharmacy. To adopt this strategy, the supply and demand of drugs should be roughly equal, or the cost of pharmacy should be relatively stable.

2. High price and high profit strategy
In order to open up the grade distance with similar drugs and expand the profit of drugstores, the pricing mode with high price and high profit can be selected. However, it should be noted that only drugs with good quality, unique efficacy and can not be promoted through price reduction are suitable for this pricing strategy.

3. Price strategy of small profits and high sales
Customers are always sensitive to the price of goods, so overselling is usually linked to small profits. If you want to open up the sales volume, you may as well try to give up high profits, take the route of small profits and high sales, and stimulate customers’ consumption with low prices while ensuring their own interests.



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