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The most important thing about the hardware facilities of supermarket is the supermarket shelf. As the carrier of supermarket goods display, how to place and how to layout it needs to be seriously considered by every supermarket operator. The quality of supermarket shelf display is the key to attract customers and develop them into loyal customers.

1. To ensure the safety of supermarket shelf display,

the display of goods should be stable and there should be no hidden danger. We should also pay attention to the safety of the displayed goods and timely clean up the expired, deteriorated and damaged goods.

2. Supermarket shelf display to ensure that customers easy to watch and easy to choose,

so that the display of goods can be well controlled in the range of sight convenient for customers to choose. Do a good job in classifying the displayed goods, so as to provide convenience for customers to choose and buy the goods they need.

3. Commodity display should also consider the convenience of customers to take the goods,

so it is best to leave a two finger wide space between the displayed goods and the supermarket shelf shelves, otherwise the goods are not easy to take out or put back, which may make customers lose the desire to buy.

4. Supermarket shelf display to keep clean,

do not put the goods directly on the ground, regularly clean the supermarket shelf, remove the dirt and dust on the shelf.

5. In order to improve the profitability,

it is better to match the high-quality, high price and high profitability goods with the best sellers. We should also do a good job in the display of related goods to increase the possibility of selling goods.
For some novices who have just entered the supermarket industry, it is often easy to go into the wrong area of management. They think that as long as they have excellent management skills, they can make money, but in fact, it is not. In addition to some business skills, the display of supermarket shelves is also a crucial link, which can bring more possibilities of commodity sales for supermarkets and promote the promotion of turnover.



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