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According to relevant statistical data, the total scale of the national retail pharmacy market (calculated by terminal retail price) in 2016 was 337.7 billion yuan, an increase of 9.2% compared with 2015. As far as the market situation is concerned, there is still a bright future.

For pharmacies, each area has its own unique economic value, and the pharmacy cash register, which is regarded as the “Golden Island” by chain drugstores, is the top priority. Now let Guangzhou drugstore shelf manufacturer [Guangjia shelf] introduce the display secrets of the pharmacy cash register, hoping to help you.

1. The pharmacy checkout counter should first pay attention to the selection of height

So that customers can get the goods under the premise of suitable height. The height of drugstore cash register is 810mm. In terms of the average height of Chinese consumers, a cashier more than 1.1 meters will give consumers a sense of rejection. If the design of the cash register is too low, some products sold by the side and under the counter will become difficult to get.

2. In the selection of the location of the cashier in the pharmacy

It is better not to set the cashier at the door of the store, which will bring certain psychological pressure to the customers. Setting the cash register in the “deep” part of the store can “force” customers to go deep into the store, stay longer in the store, and browse more products. Some large chain stores will set the cash register at the entrance of the store near the wall to facilitate customers to pay.

3. The products displayed at the drugstore’s cash register should be based on the volume

The price of 10-20 yuan is the best. Low price products will reduce consumers’ concerns about price. Or you can choose to display some seasonal products with smaller volume, which means that they can be taken at will. The seasonality of the products will attract some customers who are not willing to buy additional products to produce joint sales.

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