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With the advent of favorable policies in the pharmaceutical industry, more and more people open pharmacies, and the competition in this industry is becoming more and more fierce. Many drugstore operators begin to realize that if they want to capture more customers and improve the success rate of customers entering the store, they must use some small measures. For example, the design of drug store shelves is optimized.

Before the Pharmacy shelf editor to introduce some pharmacy display skills, but in the actual application process, some novice friends or into the misunderstanding. So today, the Pharmacy shelf has sorted out three kinds of the most difficult to find, but the most fatal mistakes. Let’s see if you’ve been hit.

1. Goods on the shelf are too full, affecting the overall visual effect

As we all know, commodity display should pursue “fullness”, but this “fullness” is not to let you fill up the drugstore shelves, but to use clever display to present a full effect.

When planning the shelf layout of pharmacies, many operators think that the more shelves there are, the more goods displayed and the higher the sales volume. In fact, it is not. Too many shelves will not only compress the shopping space, but also hinder customers’ sight. Too much display of goods will also affect the visual effect, which will not only appear crowded but also affect customers’ taking.

The correct way is to reasonably control the number of shelves according to the size of the drugstore, and ensure that each drug can be placed on the shelf reasonably, so as to avoid vacancy as far as possible, so as not to let customers think that the types of drugs in your store are few and not professional enough.

2. Too many people in and out of the shelves

The entrance and exit of the drugstore is a good sales area. Placing promotion shelves in this position can attract more people into the store. But everything is too much. When placing shelves at the entrance and exit to attract customers, attention should be paid to controlling the number of shelves.

Good pharmacy display design, will use the shelf to do a good partition, and do a good job in guiding the shopping line. Some operators put more shelves in order to be more attractive, and the result is just the opposite. It not only blocks the display of the internal space of the drugstore, but also makes the passageway of the entrance and exit narrower, which affects the passage of customers.

The number of entrance and exit shelves should be set appropriately. Do not try to display everything at the door. Generally, it is enough to put one or two small promotion shelves, and then select some small commodities with high brand awareness, affordable price and impulse consumption to display.

3. The number of main and auxiliary channels is affected due to the long shelf setting in the middle island

In order to improve the space utilization rate, some pharmacies will put the shelves of Zhongdao shelf for a long time, almost to the end, and there is no secondary channel between the sections of the shelf. This seems to expand the display space, but it actually reduces the customers’ movement in the pharmacy.

In general, when we display the shelves of double-sided drugstores, the longest shelf length of drugstores with an area of less than 100 square meters should not exceed 3 sections, and there should be a main channel and a secondary channel between each group of shelves, so as to facilitate customers to flow in each group of shelves, reduce customers’ sense of boredom, and help pharmacies avoid dead corner positions.

In order to display more commodities in drugstores, we should find ways to lengthen the shopping line, appropriately increase the number of main channels and sub channels, and cooperate with each other to create multiple complete sales routes, so as to drive the sales growth of various regions.

The success of drugstore management depends on the correct display design. Good display is not only the display of pharmacy professional image, but also the guarantee of sales growth. For the operators, we must not ignore the problems arising from the display design of pharmacies, otherwise the most basic small things will also become the major events that crush the pharmacies.

The above are the three mistakes in drugstore display shared by Guangjia shelves. I hope it will help your business.



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