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Industry Information

The size of drugstore shelf should be determined according to the actual size and height of drugstore store. In order to adapt to the market and reduce the cost of drugstore shelf, we have implemented standardized conventional shelf size and color.

According to the special needs of pharmacies, we have selected several commonly used standard sizes to reduce production costs to varying degrees.

The shelf size of the middle island in the drugstore is 900mm and 600mm in length, 1350mm and 1500mm in height. The width of both sides of the middle island shelf is 660mm.

Drugstore shelf size

The size of drugstore shelf can be divided into several types, such as the height and width of drug store shelf

1. According to the height of the column to distinguish the size of the drugstore shelf: the mainstream drugstore shelf height is mainly divided into three types: 1350mm high, 1800mm high and 2200mm high;

2. According to the width of drug store shelf, the size of drugstore shelf can be divided into two types: 900mm and 600mm;



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