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Pharmacies are generally divided into three types: a pure western medicine pharmacy; a pure traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy; and a comprehensive pharmacy, which is generally a pharmacy combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine. It is also the largest type of pharmacy in the market. Therefore, today’s edition of Guangjia shelf factory mainly introduces the third kind of pharmacy, which is comprehensive The size of the pharmacy shelf in the pharmacy, then, what size does the shelf of the comprehensive pharmacy Chinese medicine room have? Let’s take a look at it in detail

Germany Priceline pharmacy decoration renderings 4

1、 Wall board pharmacy shelf
Wall board pharmacy shelves are divided into three categories:
1. It is used to store over-the-counter drugs;
2. It is used for storing prescription drugs;
3. It is used for storing traditional Chinese medicine;

In general, the first and second types of shelves are wall pharmacy shelves for general storage of Western medicine; most of them are iron shelves and steel wood structure shelves; the main dimensions are: 900mm (L) * 350mm (W) * 2400mm (H); (usually with light box and floor cabinet, mainly used in small and medium-sized pharmacies); and the third type of wall pharmacy shelf is mainly used for storage of traditional Chinese medicine shelves, which are mainly made of solid wood and steel (although there are not many applications in the market); the size of the shelves in wall pharmacy is mainly 1200mm (L) * 400mm (W) * 2400mm (H);

Canadian WholeLife Pharmacy Decoration Renderings 5

2、 Gondola pharmacy shelf
There are more kinds of shelves in Gondola pharmacy. 1. Prescription cabinet: it is mainly used to store prescription pharmacy, and its main size is: 900mm (L) * 600mm (W) * 800mm (H); 2. Chinese medicine cabinet: it is mainly used to store some very valuable traditional Chinese medicine products. It is made of all solid wood, and some of them will use glass as the hoard. There are some similarities with the prescription cabinet, and its main size is mainly They are: 1200mm (L) * 600mm (W) * 800mm (H); 3. The shelf of non prescription Gondola pharmacy is mainly made of iron and wood, and the main dimensions are: 900mm (L) * 700mm (W) * 1400mm (H) / 700mm (L) * 350mm (W) * 140.

Generally speaking, the pharmacy shelf sizes used by comprehensive pharmacies mainly include the above two categories. The specific sizes of each small category are also introduced in detail. I hope that the article about the sizes of pharmacy shelves in Chengdu shelf factory [Guangjia shelf] can help you to further understand the pharmacy shelf size and make it more suitable Manage to plan your own pharmacy.

Finally: the pharmacy shelves are mainly arranged according to the store plane size, and the specific basis is the physical store. The above is for reference only.




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