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Medicine is an essential commodity in people’s daily life, so many people take a fancy to the market of pharmacy industry and intend to open a pharmacy of their own. However, pharmacies are different from other retail stores. In addition to the necessary certificates, pharmacies also have some equipment that must be purchased. Today, the drugstore shelf company Guangjia shelf summarizes the necessary equipment for opening a pharmacy.

shelves stocked with various medicinal products in a pharmacy

Equipment for storing drugs:

The storage of drugs is the guarantee of the quality and safety of drugs purchased by customers.

Most drugs can be stored at room temperature, but some drugs need low temperature or cold storage, so pharmacies need air conditioning, hygrometer, refrigerator or freezer.

Equipment for sale and display of drugs:

Drug sales are the source of income of pharmacies, so it is particularly important to choose the appropriate drug display props. Guangzhou drugstore shelf company – Guangjia shelf for you to
briefly introduce several commonly used drugstore shelves:

In the over-the-counter area located in the central area of drugstores, several groups of middle island shelves and single-sided shelves of drugstores are generally used to display common over-the-counter drugs, health care products and tonic products.

The area close to the inside of the drugstore that is not easy to be found by customers will be set up as a prescription area. The drugs in this area can not be taken by customers at will. Therefore, closed pre prescription cabinet and post prescription cabinet will be used.

With the rise of traditional Chinese medicine, many pharmacies also pay attention to the sale of traditional Chinese medicine. If your drugstore has divided the traditional Chinese medicine area into four kinds of Chinese medicine cabinet shelves: the front cabinet of traditional Chinese medicine, the back cabinet of traditional Chinese medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine pounding table and ginseng antler cabinet.

In addition to the above three basic areas, many pharmacies around the community also sell medical devices, so it is necessary to purchase a group of medical device cabinets with strong bearing capacity and more stable.

Equipment for customer service:

In addition to selling goods, drugstores also serve customers. For example, the cash register and cash register that can meet the needs of customers to check out, the leisure seats for the elderly customers to rest, and the scale that can often be seen at the door of pharmacies. In order to make the pharmacy environment better and let customers have a better drug purchase experience, pharmacies also need to prepare enough lighting equipment, mosquito repellents, fire-fighting equipment, etc.

Novice pharmacies inevitably do not know which equipment to purchase. In fact, there is no need to worry. When you have determined the business area and warehouse size of your drugstore, go to the local drug administration for consultation, or go to a chain drugstore with a similar area to have a look, and learn from pharmacies with experience in opening stores to purchase equipment. I hope this article will help you.

The above is the drugstore shelf supplier – Guangjia shelf summarized several common pharmacy equipment. Guangjia shelf has 18 years of experience in drugstore shelf design. It not only sells high-quality pharmacy display props, but also provides pharmacy layout design services, so that you can open pharmacies with ease of effort.



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