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Because of the pharmacy industry, its income is relatively stable, and it is not as vulnerable to economic shocks as hotels and fashion stores do. However, those who say that pharmacies are profiteering now have never played with pharmacies or heard from others.

In the current chain pharmacy, the gross profit margin is about 40%, but its own cost will reach 38%. That is to say, your net profit is about 2 points, plus the back office charges, it is estimated that it will be 3-3.55. The relative cost of individual pharmacies is low, and the net profit margin is about 8 to 10 points.

There are several reasons why pharmacies do not lose money and close down.

First, drug supervision is relatively strict, and the impact of online shopping is relatively small. In all walks of life, affected by the impact of online shopping, the sales decline is grim. The proportion of online sales of drugs is still relatively low, and Ma Yun can not break through the industry. However, I expect that the proportion of physical stores in pharmacies will decline by 0.5% every year, and the network will increase by 0.5%. In particular, the proportion of online sales of health products is very high, and the share of health products in pharmacies is still relatively large.

Therefore, many pharmay are developing maternal and infant products, especially milk powder sales in pharmacies, to make up for the impact of the decline in health products.

Let’s talk about the profits of drugstores. From the ratio of drug retail price to production cost, it can be seen that the retail price of many drugs is more than three times of the production cost. Take common cold and diarrhea for example. Most people will choose to take medicine to solve such minor diseases. However, amoxicillin, which is sold at 7 yuan in a larger hospital, may cost 5-6 times more.

Therefore, it seems not unjust to include drugs in the profiteering industry. According to the investigation of relevant personnel, from the drug factory to the consumer, the profit of the enterprise is only about 15%, and the rest is in the circulation field, most of which is in the hospital. This phenomenon is called the virtual high price of drugs. Even if the average price cut is 45%, pharmacies are still profitable.

Pharmacies in different hospitals will not cause moral hazard in the society and will not be strictly regulated by the government. They are all for profit. This is more freedom than hospitals in terms of profitability.

With the policy dividend brought by the policy of national university enrollment expansion in recent years, the professional talents of various industries are relatively in place. All levels of medical institutions are the same, now the general community hospital doctors I am afraid many are undergraduate degree bar.

Pharmacies are in great demand. Some drugs have high profits. The profits of drugs from unknown pharmaceutical factories are high. Moreover, pharmacies will not be affected by online shopping. Therefore, pharmacies and barber shops are hard to exist, and there are barber shops where there are pharmacies. There are those who have closed down. The drugs sold have no effect. Naturally, they will go bankrupt. It is a business problem. They blindly pursue huge profits.

The drugs in hospitals are sold with 15% price increase and 20% – 300% in pharmacies. I’m afraid it’s easy to be overcrowded by self-management. Chain drugstores have their own routines.

Of course, your pharmacy shelves need to be designed to better attract customers.



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